VIEWS from the ASYLUM (a true story)

by Andrew Mura

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released March 9, 2007



all rights reserved


Andrew Mura Farmington, Maine

Andrew Mura moved from Seattle to Maine and began recording in Farmington in 2007. Since then he has completed 21 albums. A few favorites include The Shadows Feel (2010) and Somewhere (2012).

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Track Name: Savior of Song
My Soul is talking to me
It says I have an important job
I have to write the perfect song
To heal the secret heart of God
I have to do it quickly
The sickness spreads as the moments pass
And as the heart of God grows sickly
Her body’s dragged down by the mass
I will live on in stories
But I must make a great sacrifice
I must become a roadie
Lose all my limbs and both my eyes
I ask the Entity what good I'll be
It says that ill be blessed with second sight
And I will play the song most beautifully
A miracle to finally incite
The world to unite
And do what is right
And lift up their heads
And turn to the light
And throw off their chains
And banish the blight
And burn the remains
Make day of the night
It says that I am a vehicle
And from now on it will be driving me
It talks about the One Ring
It tells me to remember the movie
It says that it’s the good half
And I am the half deformed by greed
That over many a millennia
Slowly my want devoured my need
It says it's time to atone now
Its time for me to face destiny
It says I’ll still live a full life
And die on the beach when I’m ninety three
I ask the Entity what good I'll be
It says ill be blessed with second sight
And I will play and sing most beautifully
A savior of song to finally incite
So I got out some paper
But nothing came into my mind
I want my arms and my legs back
I never wanted to go blind
Track Name: I'm Keeping my Eyes Shut
I’m keeping my eyes shut
Or everybody will die
I can see the spirits roam
Through the lids of my eyes
I’m keeping my eyes shut
I’m already in hell
And if I look at anyone
They will be there as well
I can’t drink the water
Or I will never come back
I’m keeping my eyes shut
To stop the spirits attack
I only go deeper
Every time that I blink
And I drag everyone down
Every time that I sink
Track Name: All the Water
All the water in the universe is in that cup
How thirsty do you have to be
To come and drink it up
What if I were to tell you
You are never going to leave
That you will never come up with
A pardon or reprieve
Now don’t look anybody here directly in the eyes
Because every one is possessed
By agents from both sides
And they know you know
But they are not sure how much you know
But you’re not going anywhere
Until they've explored your mind
Look at yourself you're just a puppet on a string
A prop of the gods for when they go adventuring
Hiding in the bathroom stall till dark
Will do no good
There are a million ways to make you do
Just what you should
All the water in the universe is in that cup
How thirsty do you have to be
To come and drink it up
What if I were to tell you
You’re the only one alive?
How are you going to come up
With a reason to survive
Knowing that all life depended
On the water in that cup
And knowing that I was all life
I just broke down and drank it up
Track Name: In Damnation
I’ve seen in visions of my own
Where dead men feast of flesh and bone
And all are utterly alone
In Damnation
The skies are black the earth is red
A whirling globe of living dead
Embrace in ecstasy and dread
In Damnation
The horror is they love it here
And each one lives on the other’s fear
The more delicious the more severe
In Damnation
I saw it in a waking dream
The most horrific the most obscene
And I will never forget the screams
In Damnation
Track Name: In the Lockup
Naked and cold I do what I’m told in the lockup
The jacket is straight
But that isn’t my state in the lockup
I know they’re coming to get me
I’m too dangerous to leave alive
I know they know all about me
I saw it all when I looked in their eyes
I feel too exposed
So I keep my eyes closed in the lockup
I can’t get any sleep
All these secrets to keep in the lockup
I know that they’re all around me
And I think they may even be inside
I know they’ll slowly surround me
And there isn’t a place that I can hide
I can’t get any sleep
All these secrets to keep
Track Name: Walking the Circle
Jesus can’t remember my name
Jesus says I’m too far away
Jesus says he can’t heal my pain
Jesus says its better this way
That I am bad
And far too sad
To be one of his children
And so I pace
Trying to retrace
Walking the circle
I am bad
And far too sad
And I’m already beaten
So I pace
Trying to erase
Walking the circle
Jesus can’t remember my name
Jesus says I’m too far away
Jesus says it’s really a shame
Jesus says it won’t help to pray
Track Name: The Devil Does His Job
I spoke with the Devil in the night
He said he was once an angel of light
He said he does the dirty work for God
And I’m inclined to think he’s right
He said everything is in God's will
When people steal and rape and kill
That they aren’t evil, they’re just ill
And over lifetimes they will heal
There is a story to be told
He said, and it is ages old
A tale of love and loss and pain
That every being must behold
A story of the time before
There was no battle there was no war
That God was shattered into everything
Because She wanted more
The pieces spread to near and far
The broken rays of light we are
And although we all bear that scar
Each one is still a perfect star
He said he doesn’t mind his job
He’s strong enough to tame the mob
He says illusory free will
Is always messy and macabre
Track Name: The Lick
We know you can’t make it
So we’re giving it to someone else
If you can’t play it we will have to relay it
To another self
In another dimension
You may pay more attention to the lick
Without it we’re lost when realities cross
They will spread the Sick
I know there’s no need implying
That the Mother is dying of the Dark
And the sickness is quantum
Now every atom bears the mark
When gravity sinks She will finally shrink
Back to the start
But if we had the music
We could spread it and use it on Her heart
We can sample it too
Just play it right one time through
And we are saved
We’d hate to think that everything died
Just because you tried and you caved
Just put your mind into it, just see it and do it
That’s the trick
Just remember the tone
Because it was you alone who wrote the lick
Track Name: Why Can't I Cry
I won’t let you die if you prove you can cry
Said the Stranger
But if you don’t weep then you’ll die in your sleep
Said the Voice
I can see in your eye that you won’t ever cry
When in danger
I can smell on your breath that you won’t even cry facing death
But if you want to live than you will have to give
Tears for something
Or everything suffering now
Will join thou in demise
And you can’t pray for help
‘Cause you’re all by your self in this trial
To prove that you’re real you must show you can feel
Through your eyes
I try and I try and I try but I fail and I fail
Now why can’t I cry
If not out of fear or compassion a tear in reaction
To worlds gone awry
And I’m sad and I know that I’m sad
But maybe I’m too mad to release any teardrops
With every beat of my heart
It grows closer to dark oh God let me cry
After what seemed like years
I finally shed tears for my sister
Because she could not understand
What I went through inside
And I knew it would only hurt
If I managed to tell her
And I couldn’t stand if she thought that I planned when I died
So I cried
Track Name: Talking to God
There are two sides to Me
One you hear, One you see
One Active, One passive
Microscopic and massive
There are two sides to Me
A He and a She
Said the Voice
But although She’s quite kind
She’s out of her mind
And what reason is left
Is a challenge to find
When we were broken
She left it behind
Said the Voice
And She never speaks
Not to preachers or sikhs
And She’s in control
Every heart every soul
She conceives all the plays
Who departs and who stays
Said the Voice
So I act as Her brain
And although She’s insane
It balances out
She explodes, I contain
Since She made the Darkness
Her heart has been pained
Said the voice
And if She’s to be freed
It’s your song that we need
Or the gravity well
In Her heart will just swell
All the beautiful things
That have ever been
Will be swallowed
Ha! This is a trick
For I am the Sick
And I hold the reigns
And I am insane
You were the last hope
Now you’ll swing from my rope
Said the Darkness
And it won’t be too long
For I’ve stolen your song
Now I’ve gained control
Of Her body and soul
All the love in Her heart
That has grown from the start
Will be ended
And the Dark will replace
What It came to erase
With a kingdom of night
With no love and no light
And I’m sure you won’t mind
Being limbless and blind
In Perdition
Track Name: Release
You’re going to be okay.
The voices are not real.
Don’t worry,
I’m going to get you out of here...
And take you home.”